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Visit our "New Release" section to get 50% off discount of any packages. Don't forget to redeem it every month!

600+ merchants

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- Late Check-Out

- Free Head Massage

- Complimentary Drinks

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VIP Birthday Gift


Happy Birthday! FunNow treats you with a birthday feast. VIP members get exclusive discounts upon purchasing food & beverage items. Invite your friends to celebrate over!

Unlimited Fun Coins

Invite your friends to join FunNow!

VIP Duty Calls!

Invite new frineds to join FunNow every month by registering new accounts and verifying their phone numbers, you will be granted with 100 Fun coins. Moreover, if your friend make their first purchase, additonal 100 Fun coins will be added to both of your accounts!

Unlimited Fun

Coins 3% Reward

Drop your comment after your experience to get 3% Fun coins reward of your purchase. Fun coins can be used to redeem cash for the next purchase or simply convert it to Asia Miles Mileages.

VIP Special Offers

Nabe Muteki

Free Beancurd/Blood Pudding/ Meat Balls/ Pork Dumplinsgs (4 choose 2)

The Plate | Prime One

Pay in advance to receive selective one glass of red wine or white wine per booking

1 Michelin star | Da San Yuan

Free Signature Sesame Scallion Oven Roll per person

Restaurants | Bars

Lan Ting Spa

Free French D+Farmell Effieient Silk Repair Face Mask

Free classic head massage

Chin Herr Thai Massage XinYi Villa

Free 40 mins Stone Spa

Massage | Spa


Food&Beverage 15% off discount voucher


Guarantee late check-out for 1 hr

Tango Hotel Taipei

Guarantee late check-out for 1 hr

Short Stay | Overnight

How to become a VIP?

Accumulate membership points by completing monthly missions. 10,000 membership points would automatically make you a VIP next month!

VIP points

Every day open FunNow App and log in to your account will get 100 points.

Points Rules

Going to “Feeds” > “News” and click the news update to claim the points.

After your friends input invitation code of yours or click invite link to register, you will receive a in-app push to claim your points.

TWD 1 = 3 points, points will be added to your account once the transcation is made.





0.25 HKD

0.125 MYR






Spend TWD 1 = 3 points

Have Fun , Right Now!

Fun things are just at your fingertips!


1 million registered users worldwide


More than 3000 merchants on App worldwide

Fun On-Demand booking platform

Best price and skip the queue guaranteed


Q: How do I know if I’m a VIP?

A: Click “Member”, and your membership status will be displayed below member’s name.

Q: Will my VIP continue in next month?

A: FunNow system will automatically determine the points in your account on the 1st of each month. If you reach 10,000 points, you will be upgraded or renewed into a VIP in the current month. If you fail to reach 10,000 points, you will not be able to continue your VIP membership.

Q: Can membership points be accumulated?

A: After becoming a VIP, 10,000 points will be automatically deducted on 1st of each month. If you have less than 10,000 points, these points will remain in your account and will be recalculated in the next month.

Q: How to get my VIP offers

A: Click “Members” on FunNow to check the details of your VIP offers on the membership page and to claim the offers.

Q: Can I use multiple special offers at one time? For example, VIP Birthday Gift + FunCoin discount?

A: Yes, you can! Fun Coins can be redeemed under any conditions! However, Fun coins is not eligable if your check-out amount is less than TWD 100.

Q: Does Fun Coins have an expiration date?

A: If you make a new purchase, the expiry date of Fun Coins in your account will be automatically extended by 3 months. As long as you make a new transaction in every 3 months, your Fun Coins will always be available to use.

Q: How to check my membership points accumulation progress?

A: Click “Member” and click "Points" , your membership points will be displayed.

Q: Where can I find my invitation code? How do my friend input the code?

A: Click “Offers“ on FunNow, select “My Invite Code” and share your invitation code to your friends. Remember to ask your friends to enter your invitation code at “Enter Promo Code”.

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